Take The Reins is a sports-based not-for-profit organisation working primarily through and in the racing industry to support and deliver positive outcomes for young people and communities. 

Piloted as a project in 2016 and formally constituted in 2020, Take The Reins works with local communities to provide positive activities, implement personal development and training initiatives and deliver vocational training and pathways to progress in the racing/sports industries and in meaningful careers in associated sectors. 

We draw on our roots in racing and the wide range of associated industries to provide innovative and pro-active solutions to many of the issues facing young people and economically-disadvantaged communities. These include safe activities to build networks, access to mentoring and positive experiences to build confidence and resilience, and training and employability opportunities to raise aspirations and deliver social mobility. 

We support young people to Take The Reins in their life, their career and their future. 

What our Trustees say:


Amie Canham, Chair of Trustees: Racing is a magical sport and I wanted to show young people from all backgrounds what it has to offer.  The racing industry is always looking for staff and Take The Reins is able to showcase the opportunities available.”



Rishi Persad


Rishi Persad, ITV Presenter and Trustee: “Becoming involved with Take The Reins is my chance to help make a significant difference to young people in need of opportunity and to the future of our sport. Both of those mean a great deal to me.”




Sammy-Jo Bell, Assistant Trainer, former Jockey and Trustee: I become involved with TTR because I feel there is a massive opportunity for the younger generation to get involved with the racing community. It’s taken me all over the world and I think it’s a fantastic sport to be involved in. I feel very privileged and proud to be part of the team.”


Deborah Hay, Interim CEO and Trustee: “Racing offers a wealth of opportunities in so many different sectors and we want to bridge the gap in those communities that traditionally never touch the sport. Not only will this help young people, but it will also help the sport by bringing in new blood and new ideas.”